Call to Arms!!

This is a call to the Shibonk Army.

Get your bats ready, we are hosting our first call to arms recruitment raid! This time we are gathering troops to build up the Shibonk Army. The team has scouted Shibnobi & Shiborg Inu as the best candidates to rally up allies. Keep in mind these are Shiba derivative coins and are going to be on our side in the bonkwars – stay civil &keep your bats down!

The raid will be conducted as follows:

  • The telegram will be muted
  • Our very own, General Yoshi will lead us by dropping links (one by one) where the raid will occur
  • The next link will be posted 3 mins after the previous post
  • Repeat

Ps. Try out V1 of Bonkwars – visit the frontpage of our website (bonkwars.com) πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€