December 1, 2021


Hey ShiBonkers! We are still in the works with an award-winning influencer and are looking to release the advertisement this Friday (12 PM EST).

The ShiBonk team is excited to announce our first community engagement competition! To participate you will need to create an original ShiBonk meme and share it with the community.


You will need to post your meme to twitter and to our subreddit (

Tweet using #SHIBONK_MEME_CONTEST and tag at least 2 other people in your tweet.

The top three most liked memes on twitter will be announce in Saturday’s news release (12PM EST). Following the release, we will have a community poll in the Telegram group to choose the best meme and the winner will be rewarded 50 Billion $SHIBO!! The team has more community engaging competitions to come, strap in and enjoy the ride!