December 2, 2021

Market Saturation & Big News Tomorrow

Hi my fellow ShiBonkers. I hope everyone is enjoying the ride! Get your $SHIBO tickets ready for tomorrow as our award-winning influencer advertisement is being released (same time tomorrow)! The ShiBonk team has yet another community engagement competition. To participate, you need to make a ShiBonk related post in another subreddit. This can be a shill post, a meme post, or anything that you think will gain traction.


You need to make a $SHIBO related post on another subreddit.

The winner will be selected based on the number of upvotes the post receives. Team members will keep track of the posts mentioning ShiBonk and announce the winner Wednesday Dec 8 . The winner will be awarded with 30 Billion $SHIBO Tokens!


As we mentioned in previous news releases, we have made a community development fund. All proceeds will be put straight back into the project.

Community Address: 0xC78B061333B722493CbfFCcFe373B1d825f5f3eb