November 23, 2021

Marketing Plan

The ShiBonk team is proud to announce that 4chan ads are up and running, we have developed a marketing strategy, and beginning the execution phase. The ShiBonk team is also looking into influencers – adult film stars, twitter thots, or actors. We are strongly considering a Cameo with Johnny Sins. This will be released in a coordinated strike along with Reddit posts, 4chan posts, and raids of the DogeBonk communities and threads. The team is also looking into hiring a crypto marketing firm to rapidly grow our presence and engagement on all social media platforms.

These efforts will not be cheap, and as such we will be launching a community development fund. 50% of costs will be paid by the development team and 50% by the community. More details will be released tomorrow.

We are the DogeBonk killer. We will be ShibArmy’s sword against $DOBO. The ShiBonk team and all fellow Bonkers must spread the word. It is only a matter of time before the Shiba army joins the ShiBonk resistance. Big things are coming ahead! Strap in, we are about to take off!