Hello Shibonker’s. We were blown away by the number of submissions for the Crossword puzzle release. 🔥🔥 Can the winners of this contest please DM Alpha your address to receive the reward!! Below are the first 10 submissions:

1.     AresBlack à106mins

2.     Nick R. --> 107mins

3.     Ed Edm --> 111mins

4.     JaZo0 --> 113mins

5.     Shane OG --> 132mins

6.     Chait V. --> 132mins

7.     Manoj K. --> 134mins

8.     Philippe O. --> 134mins

9.     Indo R. --> 134mins

10.  Jay D --> 189mins

Stay tuned for our AMA Thursday night at7pm EST where we will be having our new host Proper ROI and a guest speaker on! The AMA will be held on twitter spaces and don ‘t forget to send your questions to Alpha prior!  🔥🔥

Ps. The new website is going to be released sometime next week! 🚀🚀🚀🚀