November 25, 2021

Promotion Update

To all fellow ShiBonkers: As you all already know, the ShiBonk team is planning a MASSIVE raid against the DogeBonk community. However, this will come when everything is set in place (cameo, influencers, etc). In the following days we will have numerous polls in the telegram group to solidify a time everyone is free for the attack. Furthermore, we have decided to create a poll regarding the influencer to pay for a promotion. We will have a community poll to choose the best one following this PR and it will be pinned in the telegram group!
We noticed our main community is based in NA and we are trying to expand to other populations. Therefore, we have submitted an advertisement with Enna Crypto ( in hopes to get some more recognition on other regions.
These efforts will not be cheap, and as such we will be launching a community development fund. 50% of costs will be paid by the development team and 50% by the community.
Community address: 0xC78B061333B722493CbfFCcFe373B1d825f5f3eb Dev’s will match any contributions and pay from this wallet: 0x2183EC5005Fbc79e85E4d0F25Fb01F863C65FF1A