Spanish Community Raid 👀👀

Raid Details

Calling out all members of the Shibonk Army! It's time we expand world wide and it's come to our attention that the majority of Shibonk holders speak English as their first language.  This leaves a huge untapped market that Shibonk is missing out on. Our Army needs to expand to non-English speaking communities. So prepare your bats because the Shibonk Army spies have scouted the Spanish community as their best target. Keep in mind this is a call to recruitment raid, and they'll be joining our side in the BonkWars, so stay civil and keep your bats down! The raid will be held at 7pm EST, Tuesday Jan 18, 2022, to be conducted as follows:

-  The telegram will be muted

-  Shibonk Army Generals will lead us by dropping links (one by one) where the raid will occur

  o  The next link will be posted 3 mins after the previous post

Note: We will be dropping Spanish translated shill messages and memes in the chat prior to the raid  🚀🚀🚀