Hello Shibonker’s. It is great to see our holder count steady and the community holding strong with the turmoil in the market. 🔥🔥We are grateful to have this community and in turn we are going to be doing our third weekly NFT inspired giveaway. However, this time the difficulty has been ramped up to the MAX! Furthermore, we will be rewarding the first 10 Shibonkers to complete the crossword with a free airdropped NFT. 👀👀The puzzle is now live on our website (https://www.shibonk.ca/puzzle)! BIGTHINGS TO COME! Hold your bat tight Shibonkers, this rocket is only fueling up.🚀🚀🚀

Amazing community engagement on the SuperBowl giveaway. Below are the three winners! Could the winners please DM Shibonk on reddit!

1.      AdventurousHotel806 (Reddit account)

2.      Miggymigs02(Reddit account)

3.      VoiceOfTheEclipse(Reddit account)

Ps. New website is looking 🔥🔥and will be going live Friday 12pm EST (2/18/2022)!!